How to Train Your Viscount by Courtney McCaskill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Regency Rom Com Delight!

If How to Train Your Viscount was a drink, it would be a sweet concoction from a 1950s drugstore…or your local Starbucks. Maybe a peppermint latte (or insert favorite drink of your choice). Something warm and cozy that you want to keep on sipping and that’s kind of too good to be true. I firmly believe this is movie adaptation gold and will fight anyone who thought this was anything less than a four-star read (ok, not really fight… only verbally spar with). In the midst of a really stressful week, this book pulled me into its bubble over and over again with its witty banter, wonderful characters, and Indiana-Jones-esque romps through Egyptian treasure troves and back alleys of London.

Four years ago, Lady Caroline Astley was sincerely looking forward to meeting her older brother’s best friend because she had heard so much about his sense of humor and playfulness. But when she did meet the handsome Henry Greville, he was the ultimate Mean Boy, publicly humiliating fifteen-year-old Caroline in a cruel and scathing speech that left her in tears and with a terrible ‘megrim’ (as someone who suffers from migraines, Caroline had my complete sympathy even though she was totally faking it). Now, years later, Caroline is a diamond-of-the-first-water who is prepared for some sweet, sweet revenge. The only problem is, Caroline and Henry have something rare in common: a wonderfully acerbic sense of wit and humor which they simply can’t contain around one another. One thing leads to another and as wit turns to steam, Henry and Caroline set forth on a English archaeological adventure replete with danger, drama, and betrayal.

It was difficult to believe that this was a debut novel as McCaskill’s writing is sophisticated and the plot is tight.

This is a fun, light-hearted, steamy Regency with a bit of a more modern tone.

REMINDS ME OF: Reputation by Lex Croucher or Bombshell by Sarah MacLean


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