The Most Eligible Bride in London by Ella Quinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sweet but somewhat slow-moving romance, The Most Eligible Bride in London is the next installment in Ella Quinn’s Lords of London series. Lord Nate Fotherby is back in London after a period of penance in the country to make up for his rash decision a few years prior in abducting his best friend’s fiancée in an ill-fated attempt to prevent their marriage.

Nate has matured and believes he is now ready to find the perfect bride. Unfortunately, the first lady who sparks his interest is none other than the younger sister of the woman he abducted. Henrietta Stern works for a charity involved in rescuing children, and meets Nate after she has shot a man to save a child. The book opens with a bang, but then the pace quickly slows down. The story’s main conflict is primarily to do with whether or not Henrietta and Nate will be able to find a way to be together despite her sister’s unwillingness to forgive him for his past crime.

As with past books in the series, the hero and heroine’s “Mamas” play a large role in steering the romance along. Lots of wonderful historical details and charming side scenes with other characters in the series and their families, but overall the plot drags at times.

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