A Cowboy’s Vow by Kate Condie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Tale of Family, Love, & Adventure

This was my first cowboy romance and I loved it. From the very first scene, you know you are in the hands of an expert writer. The book starts off with a bang (literally) and the meet-cute is unforgettable. Thomas is a fantastic hero–one you’ll be wishing existed in real-life! Ivete is a flawed but loveable heroine–just like a real person. She is young and struggles with the choices she makes that will shape her future. Kate Condie’s characterization of Ivete’s family really supports the main story and I found myself just as captivated by the relationships between Ivete with her mother, brother, and sister-in-law as by the primary romance.

This is a clean romance, but there is some very well-done romantic tension throughout!

A Cowboy’s Vow is the second in the Aster Ridge series but even without reading the first book, I still very much enjoyed this one. Cowboy’s Vow also perfectly sets the scene for the next book. There are just the right number of wonderful little cliff-hangers to be suspenseful but satisfying.

Looking forward to my next Cowboy Romance with Kate Condie!

I received an ARC copy of this book for review purposes.

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