The Gardner Girls

From USA Today bestselling author Fenna Edgewood comes a dazzling series about a family of four sisters who must face pride, peril, and adventure before each finds a love that conquers all…

Masks ofMasks of Desire Desire

The Gardner Girls Prequel

Childhood sweethearts become forbidden lovers in this Shakespearean-esque second chance romance where secrets and lies throw two opposing families into turmoil.

Romeo and Juliet, meet Henry and Caroline…

Caroline Gardner has always had her very own white knight. Her childhood sweetheart, Henry Gardner, is handsome, kind, and passionately in love with her. Or so she believes, until one day she is told everything she knows about Henry is a lie. In an instant, their long-time engagement is broken and Caroline’s world is shattered.

Henry Gardner has been told that the girl he’s loved all his life has cruelly betrayed him. But no matter what she may have done, his love for her will not dim. The only problem? She’s about to marry someone else.

Less than twenty-four hours until he’ll lose her for good…

Stealing an earl’s bride on the eve of her wedding might be an insurmountable challenge for some men, but Henry is determined to make sure Caroline knows that forever is a promise he means to keep. Even if doing so comes at a perilous price.

One boy. One girl. One future they must fight for together.

Her one true love may have returned, but after all he’s put her through, Caroline has no intention of falling back into his arms. But when she stumbles onto a terrible family secret, Caroline must make a leap of faith and put her heart in the hands of the one man she swore she’d never trust again.

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To All the Earls I’ve Loved Before

When you’re a drunk duke wandering the London streets at night and you come across a beautiful woman trying to commit a murder very badly, do you…

  • Engage in some witty banter
  • Quote Shakespeare
  • Show her how to adjust the position of her knife
  • Ask her to marry you
  • All of the above

When Angel Beaumont, the Duke of Englefield, discovers the mysterious woman he’s encountered is in desperate straits, he does something just a little rash and makes a gallant proposal, offering himself as her husband and protector in a marriage of convenience.

The man of her dreams is only a bedroom away…

Lady Gwendolen Gibson is in more trouble than anyone knows. Not only is she being threatened with the loss of her home, but a dangerous adversary from her past is seeking to steal her child. When a knight in shining armor comes to her rescue one night and offers the perfect solution, she reluctantly decides to accept his hand.

But Gwendolen soon learns she has vastly overestimated her ability to resist her handsome new husband…and surrendering to her desire may turn out to be the most dangerous mistake she’ll ever make.

He’s a rake, a scoundrel, a duke, and a former soldier…and he’ll fight to the death for the woman he loves.

It was supposed to be a chaste marriage of convenience, but soon the duke’s new wife is sneaking into his bed…and into his heart. A beguiling love has turned his whole world upside down and he’ll do anything to save his new wife’s life-even if it means losing his own.

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Mistakes Not to Make When Avoiding a Rake

A cynical rake brings passion and excitement to a small country village in an enemies-to-lovers tale loosely based on Pride and Prejudice.

A retired rake…

The arrival of Thomas Campbell and his elder brother has the small village of Beauford astir. Not only is Thomas tall, dark, and handsome, he is also rumored to be a most notorious rake.

Miss Claire Gardner is young, innocent, and completely infuriating. Yet given an opportunity, Thomas can’t help teaching the headstrong beauty a lesson in desire.

A quiet life for a lady…

Content with a simple rural life, Claire Gardner has no wish for a season in London nor is she eager to wed. But after a catastrophic mistake compromises her honor, Claire finds herself ensnared in scandal.

Claire is quite certain reformed rakes do not make the best husbands. She would rather face shame than lose her freedom to a man she is convinced does not love her. But as rumors swirl regarding her ruined reputation, the condemnation of her neighbors becomes more than she can bear.

Will the truth about the other woman in Thomas’s life destroy their marriage before it has even begun?

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The Seafaring Lady’s Guide to Love

What would you do for a little adventure?

A rebellious young lady…

Miss Rosalind Gardner’s two older sisters are happily married, but she has no plans to follow in their footsteps anytime soon. Determined to see the world before settling down, she sets out on an ocean voyage to distant lands. Exuberant, warm-hearted, and ceaselessly optimistic, Rosalind has spent her life waiting for this opportunity. But it’s one thing to dream about adventure and another thing to live it—especially when doing so means living in close quarters with the coldest, most arrogant man alive.

…and a heartless hero…

Philip Calvert has already lived two very different lives. A rebellious rake in his youth, he was thoroughly reformed when he fell in love with his first wife, only to lose her tragically. When he undertakes a perilous sea voyage, Philip is horrified to find himself boxed in with an uninhibited hoyden who has used his name to secure her passage. Having sworn off love and marriage, his resolve will be tested by this high-spirited woman whose passion and beauty threaten to pull him into uncharted waters.

…are about to set sail on a journey into love.

Out on the deep blue sea, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, small berths and narrow decks bring hidden desires into the light… along with dark secrets better left buried.

Featuring some of your favorite tropes…

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Grumpy/Sunshine
  • Curvy Heroine
  • Forced Proximity
  • Only One Bed!

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Once Upon a Midwinter’s Kiss

Friends to lovers has never felt so right in this steamy and suspenseful blending of Beauty and the Beast and Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

A heroine in disguise.
A beastly hero.
A family betrayed.

Little Gracie Gardner is all grown up and about to have the adventure of a lifetime…

When the youngest Gardner sister sets out to seek her fortune, she gets more than she bargained for. For as soon as she steps into the mysterious primeval forest of Princewood, Gracie enters a realm in which myths and legends take on flesh and blood, and where new desires haunt her dreams.

Abandoned in a blizzard and forced to seek shelter in the castle of an enigmatic young man, Gracie has no idea that she will soon fall under his thrall or that by accepting his sanctuary, she puts herself in deadly jeopardy.

The castle’s young master has a reputation for murder and is burdened by a past shrouded in secrets. As Gracie befriends the beast, she slowly unravels a web of terror spun by a master of deception. Caught up in a dangerous masquerade, Gracie must join forces with a man who is much more than he seems, as the ghosts of Princewood’s blood-stained history begin to rise once more.

As Gracie restores the castle to life and reawakens its owner’s humanity, together they will face the darkness which haunts Princewood…as they arm themselves with the power of a love so strong it may even conquer death itself.

This Christmas season, join Gracie as she brings new joy and light to a world of foreboding darkness.

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Mistletoe Journey

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Caroline Gardner has been a widow for more than fifteen years. Now, with her four daughters all grown up and married, her life seems more open than ever before. Never content to be idle and with fond memories of her early years of young motherhood, when an opportunity to adopt a child comes along, Caroline seizes it—and winds up on a New Year’s journey beside a most intriguing man…

Captain John Merriweather is a confirmed bachelor. Surely, by fifty years of age that may be said about a man. But he has never met a woman quite like Mrs. Caroline Gardner—sweet and comely, who puts him at ease.

When fate conspires to pause their journey, John and Caroline have no idea that the greatest Christmas gift of all has been left to last…

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