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Meet the Gardner Girls:

Four devoted sisters must face pride, peril, and adventure before each finds a love that conquers all.

Meet the Parents of the Gardner Girls:

A rake in love, a disillusioned earl’s bride and a childhood love torn apart by a bitter family feud.

Henry Gardener has vowed to only ever love one girl: His childhood love Caroline Laird, who is about to marry another man in less than twenty-four hours.

Determined to reach the girl who holds the key to his heart, Henry hatches a daring scheme: He will sneak into the masquerade ball held the night before the wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

Stealing an Earl’s bride is not as easy as it seems.

Especially if the bride has other ideas.

Caroline believes her once childhood love to be a faithless rake. Convinced the man she once swore to love forever has abandoned and betrayed her, she is determined to marry an Earl to keep her family’s approval.

Now Henry must fight for the only woman he has ever wished for and convince her to take a second chance on their love.