A Very Viscount Christmas by Cara Maxwell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Sweet and Steamy Story, Perfect for the Season (RELEASE DATE: November 18, 2021)

This was such a lovely, slow-burn Christmas romance! Perfect for a cozy winter night. The setting of a medieval castle out in the English countryside during the holidays, replete with a large extended family and a few mysterious guests, and full of food and laughter, made for a wonderful setting. The book manages to pack in a tender love story, a mini-intrigue/scandal, and extended cameos and updates from all of the characters we’ve grown to know and love throughout the Hesitant Husbands series.

The hero of the story is Christopher’s younger brother, Lee, the Viscount Bayfield. Lee is a rather serious, mature man. He has yet to wed–not because he is a rake nor because he is so opposed to marriage, but simply because he has not met the right woman yet. Enter Harriet “Arie” Pratt, who made a memorable appearance in the last book in the Hesitant Husband’s trilogy. Harriet is now twenty-four, firmly on the shelf, and “growing old” with grace and dignity. Lee is taken with her immediately and when the castle repeatedly seems to push them together, he is not at all dismayed.

Historical romance readers are all too familiar with the tired old trope of the virgin heroine who must be carefully wooed on her wedding night. Nevertheless, Cara Maxwell manages to breathe fresh life into Harriet’s experience of matrimony, the anxiety-inducing wedding night, and her first experiences in the bed chamber, somehow managing to make these moments both heartbreakingly poignant and sympathetic while also erotic!

Pick up this story to read now or save for the holidays! You won’t be disappointed by this charming Christmas tale!

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