The Wedding Wager by Eva Devon

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Dark & Twisty Hero Turns to Sweet, Sweet Cinnamon Roll

I thought this book was perfection and had trouble putting it down. I absolutely loved Victoria as a heroine. She reminded me a bit of Lady Isabel Townsend from Sarah MacLean’s Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord, in that they’re both very invested in antiquities. However, I found Victoria’s circumstances initially even easier to sympathize with due to the way the book sets her up to be in such a desperate predicament with her father acting so rashly and cruelly.

Anytime a historical romance hero steps into the aid of a woman in distress without expecting anything in return, I’m already fairly hooked, but in this case, the hero got even better and better because of the wonderful twist Eva Devon gave to the stereotypical rake.

Chase and Victoria were the perfect match. Because of the circumstances of Chase’s life, the way his love grew for his new bride was fully believable. I really enjoyed how he was the first to fall hard and Victoria kind of hung on for a while, refusing to give in and to acknowledge her love until quite later on because of her understandable desire to protect herself.

Victoria is described as plain and unattractive, physically strong with red hair. Other than that, we don’t get a lot of emphasis on her appearance which is so refreshing! Chase is described in rich, handsome detail but Victoria is left more to our imaginations and we get to fill her in which I quite enjoyed.

External forces are less of a threat to our couple than internal emotional ones, and so there are not a lot of major plot events. But the way Eva Devon writes emotional scenes is so fantastic that this is still a wonderful page-turner. This was my first by Devon but will not be the last. She’s now a must-read and I hope to see Catharine’s story!

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