My Highland Captor by Miriam Minger

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Sweet and Steamy Highland Love with a Healthy Helping of Adventure

What a wonderful twist to the captive bride trope! It made for such a quick, fun read. Miriam Minger puts a sweet and comical spin on things when Connell Campbell accidentally steals the wrong bride. Isabeau Charpentier is the young French woman King Robert wishes for Connell to capture, wed, and bed. Rumored to be breathtakingly beautiful, Isabeau is in fact a insert-insult-of-your-choice-here, who makes the life of her younger, half-sister sister Lisette a misery. When Lisette is mistaken for Isabeau, she is elated to have been carried away. However, as a young woman with a tender heart and strong conscience, she is quickly guilt-stricken at the fact that she is complicating Connell’s life through her unintentional deceit.

Meanwhile, Connell is a handsome highland rake who had no wish to ever wed. But as sweet Lisette steals into his heart, he finds himself ready to become a new man. Family, love, and marital loyalty become increasingly important to him as the story goes on–and as he must follow the dictates of his king. For once, the reformed rake is quite believable here, as Connell slowly undergoes an internal transformation, learns to treat Lisette with patience and gentleness (reminding me of a Judy Garwood hero!) and commits to being faithful to one woman evermore.

The cast of characters, especially King Robert, really adds depth to the world Minger builds and I could easily see myself spending more time in her medieval Scotland. There is heartache, love, treachery, redemption. The villains are punished quite satisfyingly, and the book has a fine, dramatic conclusion that sets up the next in the series very intriguingly! As another reviewer said, this book makes me want to read even more highland romances. This was a total comfort read. Sweet with heat, not a clean romance but not overdoing the steam either.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC copy!

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