Not Just Any Earl by Anna Bradley

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Lord Melrose and the Lady of Roses

A sensual stolen kiss in a library. A lost ribbon. A girl infatuated with the study and scent of roses. This was a wonderful, original take on the Cinderella story with a twist that made for lots of enjoyable and humorous banter.

This story hinges on a case of mistaken identity. Lord Melrose has drunk a tad too much and thinks he is enjoying a seductive moment with his erstwhile mistress in a darkened room at a ball (who afterwards conveniently disappears from the story) but in fact is groping our heroine, Emmeline, a house guest, who snuck down to get something to read.

Emmeline rather enjoys the passionate embrace she unintentionally shares with Lord Melrose, but tries to put it from her mind… Until the ton learns Lord Melrose was seen in the library embracing a woman who was not his mistress nor the woman he is “supposed” to be marrying.

Complication: Lord Melrose has no idea who the mysterious woman in his arms was that night and his quest to find her is rife with unexpected impediments!

This was a great novella-length read. I will definitely be looking forward to more Anna Bradley!

Steam Level: One passionate kiss, one brief steamy scene

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