How to Talk to a Goddess by Emily Croy Barker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a lovely, addictive read. One of those rare books where even the character’s ruminations on the most mundane things become captivating. I quickly knew I was in masterful/mistressful hands when I got to the twist to do with with a certain street gentleman. I read this without having read the first book in the series and did just fine, but liked it so much I’ve bought the first book for my sister (and will borrow it after!). I hope the series expands to a trilogy or even a spin-off with Ramona! (Is that a Beverly Cleary reference? She’s certainly precocious enough!) Grad students: Be warned, this book may be triggering as Nora’s struggles as a PhD student are all too accurate. (Mostly joking.)

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