Arabella and the Reluctant Duke by Sofi Laporte

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Funny and Fantastic!

Sofi Laporte has done it again! This is a lovely, sweet read with an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious cast of characters.

Arabella is the second student from the Wishing Well foursome of friends who attended Miss Hilversham’s Seminary School for Young Women. As the sister of a duke, Arabella has lived a life of privilege but decides to shuck off the mundane and limiting life of a lady and become a working woman instead. Disguising her identity she applies as a governess and joins a family headed by a handsome, eccentric inventor who has a few secrets of his own.

This story is Mary Poppins meets The Sound of Music (it has some of those vibes; no singing though!) meets a reversal of My Fair Lady.

It is light and sweet and fun. The story takes unexpected twists and turns that are suspenseful but never stressful.

Favorite Character: Philip’s Granddad

Favorite Scene: The Betrothal

Guest Appearances: Lucy & Co. along with a certain adorable puppy

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