My debut novel and the first book in The Gardner Girl series released on April 22! You can buy it here on Amazon or find it in the Kindle Unlimited selection library. Check out the lovely review it received from Bookstagrammer-Book-Blogger Elle Cheshire:

“This story was full of romance, a picturesque setting, delightful characters and endless banter and arguments, all of which was beautifully put together to share the story of Claire and Thomas.

Claire was such a delightful character, so strong and stubborn but I loved that she wasn’t just another girl looking for husband as society dictates. She was content as she was… until an infuriating, complex and obstinate rakish man tumbles into her life. Thomas’s past was very intriguing, and I was constantly aching to find out more, and I loved that the story showed you that until you know and understand someone’s history you will never understand why people react the way that they do.

I adored both of the main characters and loved that they were both so stubborn. They took so long to understand what the other person was feeling or actually trying to say but this led to endlessly entertaining banter and awkward or intimate situations! They were the perfect match and whilst it took them a very long time to come to that conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their journey.”


You can read the rest of the review on Elle’s blog here.